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Where to Put Social Media Links on Your Financial Advisory Firm's Website

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Google, the ruler of online visibility, considers social media icons on your financial advisory website as indicators of trustworthiness.

SEO software experts at Moz found that a lack of links from your website to a LinkedIn company page can signal to Google that your site might be spammy - harming your site's rankings.

Financial advisor websites that add social media icons leading to their well-maintained LinkedIn and Twitter/X profiles contributes to a 15% increase in organic traffic from search engines.

Placing Social Media Links in Header

Visitor-Friendly Icons: Adding Value Beyond Clicks

While social icons are a welcoming sight, it's essential that they lead visitors to something substantial. Your financial advisory website can lose credibility if these icons are mere decoration. Visitors who click on an icon only to find an inactive, sparse, or abandoned social page might question your online presence.

Studies reveal that visitor trust drops significantly if social icons lead to empty or inactive social media profiles.

Consider the case of a financial advisory firm. Their website once sported social media icons that led to lifeless profiles. After rectifying this and providing valuable content on those platforms, client engagement and trust significantly improved.

Business Facebook Landing Page

Where to Put Social Media Links on Your Website?

Icon placement matters more than you might think. Placing them on a payment or lead generation page, for example, can distract potential clients and reduce conversions by over 10%. Discover the optimal spots where your email and social media icons should be to drive conversions without deterring potential clients.

So, the question remains — as a financial advisory firm, where to put social media links on website?

Shifting social media icons to your website's footer and contact page is a great place to start, and has shown to result in a remarkable 20% increase in conversion rates.

Social Media Icons on Phone in Cafe

Tailored Icon Usage: Aligning with Your Goals

Social media icons serve diverse purposes. They can encourage visitors to share your blog content or guide them to your other online outposts. Tailor your icon use to align with your specific objectives, ensuring that each icon serves a purpose that resonates with your firm's goals.

Flexible icon use can enhance user engagement and guide them toward specific actions, such as sharing content.

Financial advisory websites that strategically place icons within blog posts to encourage content sharing can lead to an impressive 25% increase in social media referrals and client engagement.

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